Friends of Amani UK was set up in 2005 to raise funds for and awareness of the Amani Center for Street Children in Moshi, Tanzania. 


All board members work on a volunteer basis. Expenses in the UK are kept to an absolute minimum. In 2016, 99.1% of FOA-UK expenditures went directly to finance Amani's work in Tanzania. The remaining 0.9% covered banking charges and modest administration costs in the UK. With international transfer fees and currency fluctuations in Tanzania, this arrangement is both cheaper and safer for Amani. This is also why Friends of Amani UK holds some financial reserves in case of an emergency in Tanzania.

Friends of Amani UK is a UK registered charity (reg. no. 1107618), and as such, submits its independently audited annual accounts to the charity commission in a timely manner. You can review our charity commission profile here.

Friends of Amani UK - Audited Financial Statements






The Amani Center for Street Children is registered in Tanzania as a Non-Governmental Organization (reg. no. #0766). By virtue of its constitution, Amani is a non-profit organisation.  Amani submits regular reports to the Tanzanian Social Welfare Department which monitors organisations working with vulnerable children. As part of their commitment to fiscal responsibility, Amani also undergoes an external audit on an annual basis. You can read more about Amani Tanzania's governance here.

Amani Center for Street Children, Tanzania