Two years in one -- 100% success

Amani supporters received this lovely message from Meindert Schaap, Amani's Executive Director, this week. We're so proud of what the Amani staff and kids have achieved, so thought we had to share!

"This picture was taken in September after the Amani primary school graduates finished their big graduation exam. This was what they had worked so hard for, completing two grades in each school year.

The results were finally out this week. For the sixth year in a row all 20 graduates from our in-house school have passed their exams!!! Only 60% of all the students in Tanzania makes it - it makes me so

proud!! Passing the exam means they can continue with their studies and pursue their dreams.

Your support makes possible these honest and proud smiles. Without you, all their talents would have been lost. But you believed they can have a better future and gave them an opportunity. You helped transform the lives of these 20 former homeless children - to each one of them, that makes a huge difference. I hope you feel as proud as I do."

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